June 27, 2010

World Analysis 2010: Mexico will seek to overcome their history to Argentina

However difficult it is to overcome the Aztecs albiceleste.

6/27/2010 2:10:00

As has been written many times, the surprise World Cup whom these words will be confined Uruguay and has already been more than confirmed, with forgiveness for the Puritans and the Uruguayans who say they are World Champions, but that does not happen for more than half century and to this day for four decades is not qualified for the quarterfinals. This same discussion leaves out Mexico from any mote.

True, the Aztecs have started to make history, history. But history is now in critical instances. In the friendlies or in the group stages have fallen many major and has not changed the outcome of a World Cup. Usually always the same ones who come. I remember the goal of Tore Flo to Brazil in 1998, and beyond the loss to the Norwegians, the canarinha finished second in the final before falling Les Blues of Zidane and company.

Mexico to Argentina have the opportunity to continue building its history. Because I never went to the quarterfinals out of their land because it has never been able to beat the albiceleste in the world. The statistics clearly favor Argentina. Two matches, two wins. The first, around 1930, was 6-3, and second most recently in Germany for four years, when the volley from Maxi Rodriguez ordered the removal Aztec 2-1 in overtime.

The story condemning the Tri, but this team of Javier Aguirre has already shown he can with it ... or not. It can be the worst in history France and Italy to shame, but predicted that Argentina may be a more favorite than four years ago it would be absurd.

Could Mexico because he plays the ball well, because the Basque would put the Great Cuauhtemoc from the beginning, because there is a thirst for revenge, because there is confidence in football and because growth has begun to set aside the inferiority complex that has always characterized soccer Mexico. This complex which determined that a good win against a great team but a good win was a heroic act. That exaggeration that enacts its release and protects an entire nation starved titles nationalist hierarchy.This resort has been overtaken by the truth that they had to overcome: the actors, players, those who fit the jacket and take the field.

The Mexican team has grown by leaps and bounds, not in football but in mentality.Therefore, saying that Mexico will be in the quarter would be logical were it not have to face Argentina de Messi. However, ambition and pride marked the game.

If Mexico is classified into the quarter-final will have been the most important step in its history, but today, that depends on just that Argentina is wrong. Of failure of Demichelisand Heinze, the apathy with which the Argentines go on believing themselves superior court, by knowing covered by history. For hand to hand, team to team, player by player, is undeniable advantage that the albiceleste.

Now just a matter of the ball starts rolling. Because the facts always clogged words, and the ball well. Mexico with its limitations and its nationalistic pride Argentina with her story and dreams. What is clear, beyond winning, is that treatment of the ball game and will be the most beautiful part of the 2010 World Cup. However, as we all end up with a crying on the other hand and smiles.


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