October 11, 2010

Brazil:International Friendly Matches

Brazil. Cruzeiro - a leader, Gremio have the best striker

Prior to the completion of the Brazilian season, the remaining nine rounds.
In Brazil, almost no situations where one or two teams from the start and capture the lead until the end hold the top positions. Even Sao Paulo during three consecutive champions could not equally stable to pass the entire distance. Here and now Flumenense with Corinthians, excel together nearly 20 rounds, gave the first position of Cruzeiro. Moreover, Fox took the top for a reason, and defeating Fluminense in the final round with a score of 1:0. The only goal was scored by Wellington Paulista at the fourteenth minute, breaking through the head with a flank flow.
Brazil:International Friendly Matches
For the first time in a long time dropped to third place Corinthians, who has ceded away Atletico Goyanense. Generally, this marvelous team, debutant shows results - itself in the relegation zone, but the Corinthians (twice), Fluminense, Palmeiras and Cruzeiro to beat once again tied with Internacional. Here and in the last round in a dramatic match Atletico managed to defend the victory over Corinthians 4:3, leading to 4:1 during the second half. This defeat led to the resignation Adilsona Batista, who led the Corinthians in the summer after leaving the national team Mano Menezes. Batista himself decided to leave, although I must say, his team maintains an excellent chance for the title. Perhaps the coach feels that simply did not go with him in this team.

Internacional, taking advantage of a mistake Corinthians, reduced the backlog from third place to two points. In addition, these two teams will play on October 13 their long-standing deferred Meeting (Inter vs Santos and Corinthians in Vasku) that will finally deliver on the table "game in hand."
Brazil:International Friendly Matches

It must be noted Gremio - a team who was a long time in the relegation zone, have lasted up to eighth place, obviously hoping to get into the top four and get into the Copa Libertadores. This team's success would not have been possible without the forvrada Jonas. I remember, even a month ago, we noted that this season of Brazil do not have one clear goal-scorer, able to put at least two dozen balls. Then the leader was Corinthians midfielder Bruno Cesar with 11 goals. He still remains 11 balls, and first place went Gremio striker Jonas, who began scoring doubles and scored a hat-trick! Now Jonas 19 goals, and are unlikely to Bruno Cesar, or anyone else for them ripen. Perhaps Gremio player will be able to rise to 25 goals for the championship.

Jonas 26 years, all the time he played in Brazil, but not particularly bombardirstvoval - last season showed his best result with 14 balls. But the striker scored with 71 left on the eighth position in the ranking of the best strikers in the history of Gremio.

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