October 17, 2010

Brescia :Italian Serie A

The striker revealed that he was close to the Friuli before signing for the Swallows. Iachini faces of the match without the suspended Diamonds Rigamonti, Guidolin will change as little as possible after the first victory of the season made against Cesena

A challenge of the hardest to predict. Brescia-Udinese, match on Sunday afternoon at 15 is one of the matches in which the good old triple can go very well. Why the Swallows are a good start, but I am still a newly promoted. And because the Friuli appear in sharp recovery after a slow start to forget.
EDER UNVEILS "NEAR Udinese - On the eve of the match Rigamonti, the new purchase of Brescia Udineseblog revealed to have been just a step away from Juventus. "I have heard rumors of a potential transfer my Udinese - he said - because my attorney told me that I have followed, from what I know in January. However, this is a very important game and good to both. We know that Udinese are a strong team, not underestimate. But we ought to think and play like we did so far, even when we lost: we have condemned episodes, but the team there. "
STILL WITHOUT DIAMONDS - Iachini will decide who deploy on the trocar in place of the former West Ham. A player who has entered a bit 'on a collision course with President Corioni after the red card in Rome against Lazio. Number one Brescia criticized him openly. Now it's up to him on the field respond to disqualification ended. Meanwhile, the number one candidate to the jersey holder is promising Kone.Italian Serie A
HOPE TO COME Angello - In Udine you work hard. The first victory of the season against Cesena obtained at the last minute is not enough to shake off the last place in the standings with 4 points. Guidolin, however, feels that the team has primed the right way. Reason to believe that changes in training will be minimal. Sanchez hopes to be deployed from playmaker to support Di Natale and Floro Flores while Angella dreams of returning to defend title after the match in San Siro against Inter. Also because the other side is one who knows: Eder, of which he was partner to Empoli. "It 's fast - Angella said - and he throws a lot about the areas where known to be very strong. It can become one of the best strikers of A ".

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