October 17, 2010

Sampdoria vs Fiorentina Live:Sampdoria vs Fiorentina Italian Serie A

Sampdoria vs Fiorentina .A Marassi both disappointed the start of this season looking for redemption. The Blucerchiati come from three consecutive draws, while Fiorentina 's Sinisa Mihajlovic has only 5 points in the standings and has lost the last engagement with the Palermo

Sampdoria vs Fiorentina Live

They were waiting for the pass. But Sampdoria and Fiorentina have disappointed a lot of that at the start of the season. Marassi on Sunday (kick-off at 15:00, the seventh match day of Serie A) will inevitably prove to be better than they have seen so far.Sampdoria vs Fiorentina Live
CHARLES E 'CONFIDENT - Sampdoria coach is a bit 'corner. Sampdoria runs short. Seven points in the standings, also the result of three consecutive draws in the last days. Cassano and Co. do not win from the first day, but Di Carlo boasts safety at the press conference: "We are ready and loaded. Sampdoria vs Fiorentina The break has done better for everyone. The last 25 days were very busy and we are left with one or two does not equal performance. In Bologna , however, things went better and is not only the goal that would give us a more real on our list. Alibis and even though I do not like the words we have to get serious on the field. "Sampdoria vs Fiorentina Live
GASTALDELLO RECOVER - The defender was released by the painful match, but his condition ensures all the same Di Carlo: "Gastaldello is a warrior and should recover in time. Dessena returned to the group Thursday, Poly has played in Under-21 so I think we are. In the middle I finally spoiled for choice and now we can also play online. Pazzini no marks? The loon is loaded, we respect and trust in him. We know him well: when she starts to score goals does not stop ...".Sampdoria vs Fiorentina Live online
TESA FLORENCE: THE VALLEY NEEDS - The situation in Tuscany is not the simplest. The new course be sluggish, as evidenced by 5 points in the standings last ko straight to Franks at the hands of Palermo. Precisely for this reason Andrea Della Valle, after the controversy over the new "town purple", decided to hear its support Sinisa Mihajlovic. Along with Corvino went to training on Friday. Just to get a reaction?

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