January 20, 2011

Uzbekistan v Jordan live

After the split from the Soviet Union, they played their first match against Tajikistan on June 17, 1992. Uzbekistan have consistently been the strongest team out of the new Central Asian nations (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan). They won the football competition at the 1994 Asian Games in Japan. Uzbekistan have never qualified to the final stages of the World Cup.

The Jordanian national football team's first international match was played in 1953 in Egypt where the team was defeated by the Syria national football team 3-1. The first FIFA World Cup Qualifiers played by Jordan was the 1986 qualifiers and are yet to qualify for a World Cup. The Asian Cup 2004 was the first time that the Jordanian team tournament qualified for the Asian Cup, losing to the Japanese team in the Quarterfinals. Jordan has also qualified for the 2011 Asian Cup in Qatar.

 Uzbekistan v Jordan live :
football team key players
Current squad

GK Ignatiy Nesterov
GK Murod Zukhurov

DF Shavkat Mulladjanov
DF Anzur Ismailov
DF Aziz Ibrokhimov
DF Sakhob Djuraev
MF Odil Akhmedov
DF Farrukh Nurliboev
DF Viktor Karpenko

MF Shavkat Salomov
MF Aziz Khaydarov
MF Server Djeparov
MF Marat Bikmaev
MF Stanislav Andreev
MF Sanzhar Tursunov
MF Temur Kapadze
MF Djasur Khasanov
MF Vagiz Galiullin

FW Ulugbek Bakaev
FW Olim Navkarov
FW Alexander Geynrikh
FW Maksim Shatskikh

GK Mohammad Fayiz March 1, 1985 (age 25)

DF Mohammad Khamees January 8, 1981 (age 29) Al-Hazm
DF Khaled Saad November 14, 1981 (age 29) Al-Faisaly

MF Qusai Abu Alieh 28844 Al-Faisaly
MF Hassouneh Al-Sheikh January 26, 1977 (age 33) Al-Jaish
MF Mohammad Jamal February 26, 1986 (age 24) Al-Wihdat
MF Abdel-Hadi Al-Maharmeh September 15, 1983 (age 27) Al-Faisaly
MF Rafat Ali Jaber November 19, 1976 (age 34) Al-Wihdat
MF Issa Sibah December 25, 1986 (age 23) Al-Wihdat
MF Muhannad Al-Maharmeh March 13, 1988 (age 22) Al-Qadisiyah

FW Tha'er Bawab March 1, 1985 (age 25) Gloria Bistriţa
FW Mahmoud Shelbaieh May 20, 1980 (age 30) Al-Wihdat
FW Badran Al-Shagran January 19, 1974 (age 36) Al-Ramtha
FW Siraj Al-Tall January 8, 1982 (age 28) Al-Faisaly

GK Temur Djuraev 12 May 1984 (age 26) Pakhtakor Tashkent
GK Ignatiy Nesterov 20 June 1983 (age 27) Bunyodkor
GK Murod Zukhurov 23 February 1983 (age 27) Nasaf Qarshi

DF Shavkat Mulladjanov 19 January 1986 (age 25) Olmaliq
DF Anzur Ismailov 21 April 1985 (age 25) Bunyodkor
DF Aziz Ibrokhimov 21 July 1986 (age 24) Bohemians 1905
DF Sakhob Djuraev 19 January 1987 (age 24) Bunyodkor
MF Odil Akhmedov 25 November 1987 (age 23) Pakhtakor Tashkent
DF Farrukh Nurliboev 6 January 1991 (age 20) Olmaliq FK
DF Viktor Karpenko 7 September 1977 (age 33) Bunyodkor

MF Shavkat Salomov 8 June 1985 (age 25) Nasaf Qarshi
MF Aziz Khaydarov 8 July 1985 (age 25) Bunyodkor
MF Server Djeparov 3 October 1982 (age 28) FC Seoul
MF Marat Bikmaev 1 January 1986 (age 25) Alania Vladikavkaz
MF Stanislav Andreev 6 May 1988 (age 22) Pakhtakor Tashkent
MF Sanzhar Tursunov 29 December 1986 (age 24) Nizhny Novgorod
MF Temur Kapadze 9 May 1981 (age 29) Bunyodkor
MF Djasur Khasanov 2 August 1983 (age 27) Lekhwiya
MF Vagiz Galiullin 10 October 1987 (age 23) Sibir Novosibirsk

FW Ulugbek Bakaev 28 November 1978 (age 32) FC Tobol
FW Olim Navkarov 3 March 1983 (age 27) Qizilqum Zarafshon
FW Alexander Geynrikh 10 June 1984 (age 26) Pakhtakor Tashkent
FW Maksim Shatskikh 30 August 1978 (age 32) Arsenal Kyiv

The Jordan national football team (known by its fans as النشامى Al-Nashama) is the national team of Jordan and is controlled by the Jordan Football Association. They have never qualified for the World Cup finals. And their only appearance to date in the AFC Asian Cup finals was in 2004, although they have qualified for the 2011 tournament. Thanks to the current players of Jordan: Hatem Aqel, Amer Deeb, Odai Al-Saify, and Anas Bani Yaseen, Jordan has made it to the 2011 AFC Asian Cup. Jordan won in the Pan Arab Games twice in 1997 and 1999. Following victories over Hong Kong and a Romanian Football League XI. They were eliminated by a Japanese University team. And in year 2010, Jordan was the host country of the WAFF 2010 but Jordan was exat from the first round because of the draw with Syria and Kuwait. So far, Jordan has hosted the WAFF Championships 3 times and the Arab Cup once. Under Egyptian head coach Mahmoud El-Gohary, who took over in 2002, they qualified for their first Asian Cup in 2004. El-Gohary resigned from his position of being coach of Jordan after 2004. The Portuguese Nelo Vingada took over but failed to help Jordan reach the Asian Cup of 2007. He then resigned after 2008. Then the Iraqi Adnan Hamad took his place as coach for Jordan after he was kicked out for not helping his nation Iraq to reach the FIFA World Cup of 2010. The highest FIFA ranking Jordan has ever reached was 37th in August 2004.

They were knocked out in the final stage of Asian qualification to the 2006 FIFA World Cup after losing on the away goals rule to Bahrain. The result was subject to controversy as actually three games were played; the first, a 1-0 win for Uzbekistan, was wiped out after FIFA declared the result void after a mistake by Toshimitsu Yoshida, a Japanese referee. The replay ended 1-1, and after the return finished 0-0, Uzbekistan were eliminated.

In the 2007 AFC Asian Cup, Uzbekistan was able to get past the group stage by beating Malaysia 5-0 and China 3-0. However, Uzbekistan was knocked out of the tournament in the quarterfinals stage by losing to Saudi Arabia 2-1.

1994 Asian Games Final starting lineup on October 16, 1994, in Hiroshima, Japan).
Uzbekistan won the 1994 Asian Games tournament as debutants, but failed to make further impact on the continental stage until they reached the last eight of the 2004 AFC Asian Cup, where they were beaten by Bahrain after a penalty shoot-out.

That performance was followed by victory over Iraq in the second qualifying round for Germany 2006, with goals from Maksim Shatskikh and Alexander Geynrikh sending them through to the last eight. In the final qualifying round, they finished third, thus setting up a play-off against Bahrain, who once again advanced at their expense.

After having three foreign coaches (German Hans Jurgen Gede, Englishman Bob Houghton and Russian Vladimir Nepomniatchi) in three years, Uzbekistan turned to former Uzbekistan Olympic team coach Rauf Inileev. In the qualifying series for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Uzbekistan advanced to the fourth round of Asian qualifying after winning their first four matches, but in the final round of qualifying finished last in Group A behind favorites Australia, Japan,Bahrain and Qatar, with four points from eight matches.

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