February 6, 2011

Cagliari vs Juventus 1-3 Match Review

A regenerated defeats Juventus 3-1 Cagliari at the St. Elias and raises its ambitions in the standings. Made the main ex Alessandro Matri, scored twice. The third goal Juventus bears the signature of reviving Luca Toni, while the network was rossoblù sales by Acquafresca. The Bianconeri go up to 38 points, and lead temporarily to a length from Rome.
TRAINING - In Cagliari Donadoni found on the outside and Pisano Agostini, while Lazarus joins Cossu Acquafresca tip behind the unit. As for Juventus, Del Blacks can rely again on Bonucci in defense after the disqualification. Bari is next to the former owner confirmed the neoacquisto Barzagli, Chiellini and has moved to the left wing. In the forward pair of attack consists of Martinez and Matri, with Del Piero and Toni who sits on the bench initially.
GAME - Since the early minutes of the game the two teams clash head on. Go to first to end the Cagliari, which commits Nainggolan Buffon with a conclusion from a distance. But Juve is on the ball and it shows. Bonucci responds immediately with a header from a corner kick that ends just to the left. Then it's time for Conti, a free-kick with power, is close to a great goal, but the ball deflected by the barrier, ending slightly higher. Juve have a great opportunity to Matri 9'con the former, but the tip pulls him to Agazzi, who is good at putting in a corner. I want to Juventus victory and press on the accelerator. 13 'Aquilani try the joker with a great volley from distance, but you exceed Agazzi diving to his right and smanacciando corner in the conclusion of the Del Blacks midfield. Have a laugh and, the Bianconeri go to 21 '. Sull'ennesima action to counter Martinez serves deep Matri, and from inside the penalty area and unleashes a big right Agazzi bags from the first pole. Under a goal, the Sardinian team suffers stroke and loses its bite. Juve can control it the ball possession. The only black and white brings chills to come up with two output gap Gigi Buffon on the development of two set-pieces. It hurt and Acquafresca Nainggolan, but if the striker grits his teeth and remains on the pitch, the midfielder can not make it to continue and 40 'allows for Missiroli. The race gets a little 'hard, and there are many battles in midfield, with Rocchi forced to pull out several cards. At the end of the first time in a row also comes out of Cagliari Agostini, replaced by Ariaudo. The result, however, remains of 1-0 to Juventus.
At the beginning of the recovery Cagliari seems more determined and convinced of its own, and put in big trouble the Bianconeri's rearguard. There is a nice triangle between Conti and Acquafresca, foiled in the middle area by Bonucci. At 51 'to balance the rossoblùs received: Cossu's cross from the left, steals the time the central Acquafresca Juventus beats and acrobatics from the center of Buffon. Cover 1-1 becomes again the game balanced. At 56 'Conti touches the net on a diagram, a free-kick beat by Cossu. The Blacks decided to play everything and everything and make three changes: Martinez to enter Del Piero, Toni and Sissoko for Krasic for Marchisio. In Cagliari Nene Donadoni inserted in place of an off Lazzari. But is the game of Alessandro Matri. The first new signing of Juventus's network of nearly head on a bell'assist Del Piero, then signing a one-two staff with finalizing a volleyed a cross from the left side of Chiellini. 84 'Cagliari recriminated a goal annulled for Nene, with Rocchi calls a foul on Toni Canini. Skip one minute and Juventus closes the game. Action on the counterattack, Del Piero sweep a cross from the right to Toni, who anticipates the head Astori, and from the edge of mockery Agazzi at the near post, making his hundredth network in Serie A. Cagliari forcing the final test without much luck. There is time only for a header Acquafresca, finished just high over the crossbar. At Sant'Elia ends 3-1, Juventus wins 3 points and boosts its European ambitions.
KEY - After the latest disappointing performance Juve magically found a certain strength, and with the flair of the goals established by the new bomber, Matri, and found Luca Toni, bring home a win.
CHICCA - The first goal is the technical act of Matri's most beautiful game: the former rossoblù receives the ball just inside the area, and with a powerful right punishes Agazzi beating at the near post.
SLOW MOTION - Good race direction by the arbitrator Rocchi, in a match at all simple.Some doubt the only goal canceled Nene 84 'for an alleged foul on Luca Toni Canini.
Tactics - After the win against Sampdoria in Genoa, Donadoni confirmation form on the "Christmas tree", or 4-3-2-1. For groped to storm the St. Elias, Del Blacks instead send in the Juventus camp with the usual 4-4-2. In the finale, with the inputs in the field of Luca Toni and Del Piero, the coach moves to 4-3-1-2 Friuli.
PROMOTION & Bowling - Former Alessandro Matri (Score 7.5) is the best of the meeting, and the St. Elias remains a great finisher. Andrea Lazzari (Score 5) but fails to affect the game as it should, an infinite number of wrong steps.

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