September 22, 2011

Newcastle vs Blackburn Live stream

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See List of schools in Blackburn
Newcastle vs Blackburn Live streaming online
Secondary education in Blackburn is provided by eight state schools.[108] Private schools in the town include Westholme School, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School and a few Islamic schools. The town also has a few special schools. The two further education colleges in the town are Blackburn College and the sixth-form St. Mary's College. The town does not have a university, however some higher education courses are provided by the East Lancashire Institute of Higher Education, part of Blackburn College.[citation needed]
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Over £25 million is currently being invested in education initiatives in Blackburn with Darwen, including new schools, city learning centres and children's centres. Over 11,000 adults are in some form of educational programme.[109] Blackburn with Darwen council has twice had Beacon Status for education in the "Fostering School Improvement" and "Transforming the School Workforce" categories.[109] 51.3% of pupils achieve grades A*-C in Blackburn with Darwen compared with 56.5% nationally.[110] The average GCE/VCE A/AS and Equivalent Point Score per Student is 649.7 compared with 716.7 nationally.[110]
Newcastle vs Blackburn Live stream.
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