October 13, 2010

AC Siena vs Padova Live:AC Siena vs Padova Italian Serie Bwin

The Siena 0-0 draw against the Nereo Rocco Trieste anticipating the eighth day: it is the third in a tie for the league leaders, who came from four consecutive wins

AC Siena vs Padova Live stream .The leaders will stop: Siena by Antonio Conte savor a draw after four consecutive victories. At Nereo Rocco, the Bianconeri are facing a Triestina grim, worries that in some cases also the first class. In the end, however, is a super-Colombo to rescue a 0-0 draw, a point earned for Giuliani.AC Siena vs Padova Live
That the Siena team to another level you can see right from the start: row count training square, which occupies the space well and knows how to control the game. And 'this is what happens in the early 10' before the Triestina raises his head and began to grind the field. Mastronunzio Larrondo and run a lot but just conclude, on the other side instead Antonelli is an issue of the best impressions. And 'Julian the best chance of the outside early in the race, with a nice left to cross the 13'. Around 25 'pressure Triestina becomes insistent:

AC Siena vs Padova Live

Filkor with the left and the right Godeas can not worry Coppola. The Siena has played in all of Mastronunzio at 31 'there evidence of damage, and the 41' right, but could not beat a careful Coppola. Out in the yellow for simulation Marchi, guilty of being thrown after an alleged touch Ficagna in area. Between rigor and the card the attacker, the referee (Mr Gianpaolo Calvarese of Teramo, ed), adopting the second option.
It starts and it is expected the thrust of Siena and instead Triestina is to be seen better in attack, and also with valuable initiatives. AC Siena vs Padova Live Unanimous applause from the action that leads to the shooting Godeas 49 ': After the combination between Toledo and Malaga get the right wheel of the number 99, a conclusion that would have deserved better luck. Head echoes two minutes later when a free-kick to turn left shaves the crossbar. The tender, crisp and full of ideas for about an hour, is slowly dying, at least in terms of rhythm. Mind you, the teams try to make us dangerous, but the defense always have the best attacks on rivals. The coaches do not dare to much: Count enters Codrea, Iaconi Matute (for Marks, an attacker), but nothing changes up to 85 '. The Siena, however, we want to try all the way: between 85 'and 87' Colombo must be passed on first Larrondo Codrea and then saving the result. One particularly satisfying 0-0 Triestina

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