October 13, 2010

Vicenza:Italian Serie Bwin

TRAINING - Arrigoni Pomini confirmation on goal despite the recovery of Bressan, De Falco preferred that Troiano is on the bench for the rest of the training is the guy who took to the field against Torino. Maran must renounce Giani and Zanchi put in its place.

GAME - The first three points between the walls of friends for eleven Arrigoni that saves so much a bench already "gufata and scope. First time I live only in flashes in the desert and played a Braglia virtually empty. A large parade Frison pulling them in the throat Catellani scream of joy. A few minutes later another occasion happens at No. 33 neroverde but that does not take advantage to having a mess of defense Vicenza. Yawns until 31 'when Bruno goes low half-reversed near the edge of the shakes and numbness of the public Braglia. Then it happens the most daring episode of the evening: Bruno blatantly wrong a goal into an empty net, worse wide open, with Frison already lying on the ground that there would never come, the ball hits the pole outside. Chills even when the expiration Pomini with the fingertips sends in a corner of the end Abbruscato poisoned. The recovery has that same script for the first time with Riccio who errs and roughly Frison out in no man's land. At 55 'the result is Unlock: Bruno Zanchi was brought down in the area by literally pulling the attacker to the ground neroverde. Velotte whistles the penalty. He appoints the same as Bruno who redeems wasted before. At 67 'De Falco pulls out of the hat a deadly right that the distance pierces Frison could do nothing. But the advantage of neroverdi takes a turn for the overturning of hands in front of Martinelli, who took advantage of a good free-kick from the right side of his head and deposited the ball behind Pomini. The galvanized Vicenza is close to balance with the Alemao 74 'to leave as a diagonal insidious Pomini comes and disturbs. From there until the final whistle, nothing.

KEY - Vicenza that does not fit the opponent. Too dismissive against a determined Sassuolo.

CHICCA - The Coast assistant is forced to ask for help to the bench of Sassuolo to repair the flag "infortunatasi" the quarter-hour half-time. The race was stopped a few minutes.

SLOW MOTION - At 6 'Bruno held in area is let go, the Sassuolo protest. At the 20' corner doubt granted to Sassuolo. At 35 'a hand ball in the Vicenza area is not given the penalty. Rigor that is awarded to the 10 'of the recovery still on Bruno, Vicenza protest.

TACTICS - Arrigoni remains true to its 4-3-3 despite changes in its rotation ends. Maran meets with his 4-2-3-1 4-3-1-2 which becomes the input of Paro.

PROMOTION & Bowling - Sasa Bruno (grade 6) cross and delight of the evening. Spectacularly wrong a goal into an empty net, but he has nerves of steel when it presents itself to the floppy and beat Frison. Riccio (score 5.5) does not shine and he also misses a goal already. Martinelli (grade 7) in the upcoming closure and extra man in attack. Zanchi (grade 5) is true that he was returning, but it suffers too much from the incursions of Bruno thrown to the ground and get the penalty.

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