October 17, 2010

Catania vs Napoli Live:Catania vs Napoli Italian Serie A

The Napoli is on stage in Catania before the historic challenge with Liverpool on Thursday in Sao Paulo against Liverpool. Etna's trying to hook the blue: Aronica in doubt, grappling with a slightly sprained right ankle

Catania vs Napoli Live

Catania vs Napoli Live Afternoon session behind closed doors for Napoli in the sight of the transfer that will see the blue opposed to Catania on Sunday afternoon, before the supersfida Europa League on Thursday at the San Paolo against Liverpool. The session was held between tactical and technical work-MATCH mixed with small doors. Group also regularly Hamsik, Gargano, Cavani, and Zuniga, who yesterday had played just a little 'exhaust as veterans from the commitments with their national teams. Still working for reduced instead Aronica, struggling with a slight ankle sprain right.Italian Serie A
Tomorrow, during the finishing, decisive test to determine if it will be the squad, but the feeling is that the defender will still be out dall'undici holder. In its place severe, Campagnaro diverted to the left rear of the trio. For the rest, two questions: Gargano Yebda or in median or Cavani in front of Sosa. The Uruguayan and Argentine striker midfielder (playing on the line of finishers with Lavezzi central point) appear to be at an advantage.Catania vs Napoli Live
Catania, however, will not change its form (still 4-1-4-1) and attempt to stop the Neapolitan to achieve them at 11 in the standings. At Massimino coach Giampaolo try to hit a 3-point focusing on his desire for revenge after the bad performance of Lecce. The technician will be without the injured Bellinzona Augustyn and Sciacca and the convalescent Ledesma and Carboni but could recover in extremis.Italian Serie A
Llama but is fully recovered after surgery on his left knee, and has done work with the group all week. Probably also the absence of Morimoto, which only returned on Thursday in Italy for international engagement with his national team, would have a turn of rest. Few changes in training. Andujar, also returned to Italy earlier this week after the trip to Japan with the National Argentina, the defending regular posts. Some doubts only about 4 in midfield: rich and Gomez are balloting for a sweater for the position of the left external.Catania vs Napoli Live online
The advance is well underway, already purchased tickets for the 2897 challenge of Massimino, Catania where not lose by 13 December 2009.

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