October 13, 2010

Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo Live:Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo Italian Serie Bwin

Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo:In the absence of Serie A, the B slides forward and take its place. On Sunday, the Cadets take to the field and all the attention will be on her. In particular the postponement, which Series B, given the past of the two teams, has little, at 20.45 there Torino-Atalanta, who heads straight direct clash between the promotion.

Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo Live streaming

The mystery of the 'Atalanta, Colantuono, the former is a challenge and knows the environment grenade. For this fear Rolando Bianchi, one that can change the game when he wants: "The one with the Turin is a challenge that has the taste of Serie A, I hope it is the game of gifts, because he has yet to score. I am glad to find by Rolando opponent: in addition to being a good player is a real man. That being real men - Colantuono said in a press conference- is a constant of the boys grew up here in Zingonia. To stop Whites need to work very closely, a player is unpredictable and is always dangerous. "

Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo Live

In the recent past Colantuono garnet color is still clear: "But for me the challenge is not a rematch. I had a very good season in Turin and has done everything possible to bring the team in Serie A. I did not but football is too. This is a race like the others, but it is useless to deny that the experience left me in Turin strong emotions. The team is looking for continuity and we want to win again at home. In this race have to be more concrete because we were unable to be in others. I prefer to have fewer scoring chances, but to be more effective under the door. " Relying on Captain Doni.

In anticipation of Saturday, Triestina can stop the course of Siena, a goalless draw which both teams happy. Behind the formation of Conte, the only team "expect," Atalanta in that big-match of last night beat Torino last breath, thanks to a goal from former grudge Tiribocchi. The Novara continues to amaze, flooding the network Portogruaro day to remember for Gonzalez, author of an incredible quadruplet.Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo Live online

WHAT 'SUCCESS - Behind Siena, Atalanta and Novara, here is the group of the surprises of the first part of the season against Reggina Atzori, who signed away the first shot, to the detriment of Frosinone. Empoli, which wastes a great chance of not going beyond the home to Piacenza, ingenuity to avoid. Then at a height of thirteen pairs Vicenza (which takes one to a zero Ascoli now in free fall) Crotone and Padua, the formation of heat after a difficult start is the car in gear, too bad for injured El Shaarawy, which are only likely in 2011. Livorno continues to show signs of rebirth, another successful round (three to zero on the Citadel), the good news is that Tavano back to goal, find the key player several seasons ago in the hope for promotion. In a queue for Piacenza, forgiveness and Grosseto Sassuolo, increasingly in crisis, the recent change of coach seems to have given the necessary shock. Wednesday midweek, made a trio of interesting matches: The match between Atalanta and Novara will tell us who is the anti-Siena, beautiful well the clash between the leaders and Padua in shape. To follow with attention the match between Torino and Vicenza, Lerda's men can not fail the appointment, to remain in the wake of the high areas.

Novara vs Atalanta Bergamo

THE TOP - Gonzalez. Novello Otero, too easy to call him "Speedy", yesterday the Argentine Novara is exceeded only by the unfortunate demolition of Portsmouth rearguard. Four goals, all at once, inevitably attract the attention of clubs in Serie A. Novara striker, who with his partner Bertani is an atomic pair (in fact are the first two markers of scorers) took its first steps at home, in the Racing Avellaneda. After an anonymous season in Locarno in Switzerland, the landing at Novara. Five goals last year, already seven in the beginning of the season. Player to watch, something difficult for opponents, given the incredible speed of twenty-five forward.

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