October 13, 2010

Torino FC culb:Italian Serie B

Torino The transfers of Catania is not yet taken off. Rossazzurro the club, pending the establishment of the transfer of Jorge Martinez, has completed only minor operations, but that does not mean that rossazzurri are not working as a negotiation.

Beyond the usual Argentine identified by Lo Monaco, as reported today, the Turin daily 'La Stampa', the company would submit an application to Etna Torino for Rolando Bianchi. grenade striker is evaluated by ds Petrachi about 8 million rossazzurri and would be ready to reach that figure, but added a compensating technique. Thus, to the Etna Lo Monaco was presented to Cairo offer of EUR 3 million more than the label of Adrian Ricchiuti, much appreciated by the new coach Lerda.

Catania, however, will have to deal with Napoli and Fiorentina, interested in 27 year old striker.


Last year, in Lecce, had inaugurated the first half of the season with a rocketing, is being repeated today with the shirt of Vicenza. Alain Baclet - with fellow department Abbruscato - consists of a pair of goals most interesting landscape cadet, who dragged the Venetians in the areas of high ranking: "We knew we were a good team - said in Baclet Exclusive - but perhaps not we expected a start to the season as well. But here I found so many good players, a good mix of young, experienced and a great desire to do well. " Alain reveals his relationship "special" with the new mystery: "It 's one you say things in the face, too hard, but I like that. Think about that when I arrived I was debriefed and told me: "Your quality is not discussed, but there must always be with me even with the head, otherwise I am ready to take a beating." I asked intensity and commitment, always, and I talk a lot and this is really important for me. "

Six points in three games that the spoils of red and white, however, does not unbalance the French striker: "We hope to continue like that. We'd love to get some other victory, even to give back a bit 'of enthusiasm to the city and bring more fans to the stadium. For us it is important to have their input. But the B championship is long and difficult, this is very important to stay down to earth. Livorno will meet tomorrow, a great team, so we keep up the concentration. Look what happened to Frost last year, struggled at the beginning for the promotion at the end was in danger of relegation ". All true, but every season the lower division offers a surprise and if this was the time of Vicenza? "Why not? As mentioned, here are strong players. Think about that when I did the preparation in Arezzo Abbruscato looked like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, a great. Even now I get excited when I play with him. Then there are Alemao, a phenomenon, and many other great players. In short, the foundations are there, but we want to head. "

A project and a good team, so Baclet chose Vicenza giving up A, but not only: "I was convinced the project and then wanted to play. Needless to go from A fourth point, I'd like to show that we can get a protagonist. " Yeah, maybe with Vicenza ... "Maybe (laughs), but we do not run. The aim must be to do as quickly as possible the points that need to be sure, the dream is represented by the play-off. " And if he was really the right season

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